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First, just pay $4.95 for a one-year membership. That entitles you to one claim per month on Make.Claims!
Then, just submit your claim on the Make.Claims submission form!
You will receive e-mail confirmation within 72 hours, and once your claim is reviewed by the ClaimsMaster your claim will appear on the website.
It's that simple. If you have questions, contact us directly!

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MEMBERSHIP - 1 year at Make.Claims for $4.95 gets:

- One free claim every 30 days for one entire year.
- 2 free Boldings or Colorings, and the next two for only $.99.
- Additional claims for only .99ยข each!


Do I have to use my real name?  No, not on your claim, only to pay. Real names are kept private until the database is hacked. Then you're out of luck.

Why is this site so stupid?   It just is.

Am I good looking?   Yes, yes you are.

Should I join Make.Claims and start making claims?   Yes, yes you should.

I have other questions. What should I do?  E-mail directly. Or you could just forget about it and go to another website.

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